Style Jukebox Cloud Player

Style Jukebox Cloud Player

Listen to your music anytime, anywhere, right on your Windows Phone device!

Listen to your music anytime, anwhere, on all your devices.

Style Jukebox is the easiest way to take your music anywhere and listen to it on all your devices, online and offline.

Use Style Jukebox to save your phone’s storage for the other things that matter in your life, like taking pictures and videos of your loved ones.

Whether you’re traveling, on your daily commute to work, or at that party where nobody has good music, Style Jukebox is the app you need. Your music is safely backed up in the Cloud and instantly available.

Style Jukebox is completely ad-free so that you can truly enjoy your music experience.

To create an account you have to install our app on your computer and import your music collection from there.


• Upload up to 1,000 songs for free

• All your music and playlists are automatically synced

• Stream your music over 2G/3G+/Wi-Fi

• Download songs on your phone for offline playback or reduce data plan usage

• Style Jukebox's new home screen, where you'll be able to see a selection of your new or lost music.

• Available in English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Romanian and Bulgarian

• Live tiles with album art

• Create temporary song queue

• Control music with your voice. Play, queue or search songs using Cortana and Style Jukebox

Note: When streaming music using mobile network, you should consider switching off Cloud on mobile data from the application settings, unless you have an unlimited data plan with your carrier.

***Over 100,000 users worldwide

Style Jukebox Cloud Player


Style Jukebox Cloud Player